bad nights in wolf trap (a will graham fanmix)


i. prelude 12/21 - afi | ii. empathy- crystal castles | iii. cannibals hymn - nick cave | iv. sleep awake - mother mother | v. tranquilize - the killers | vi. the cold part - modest mouse | vii. meds  - placebo | viii. black water - timber timbre | ix. bukowski - modest mouse | x. hunter - björk | xi. demon host - timber timbre | xii. devil in the details - placebo | xiii. my body is a cage - arcade fire | xiv. skinwalkers - orion | xv. where is my mind? - emily browning |



   ”Nobody intends to be a creep, it just happens.”

   ”One of the most unfortunate kinds of accident, then. I would apologise,
 but I’m not a fan of conceding guilt.”



        Y’know, you’ve been exhibitin’ symptoms of a very troubled childhood. Was it the guidance counselor? Did he do somethin’ untoward? There, there, little William — I know you’ve got a dildo up your ass, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for you in regular, every-day society.

— Can you actually — hear what you’re saying?


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   ”Don’t be a creep.”

" — Never my intention.”

breaking news: fred chilton is my all time favourite character


Roleplayer Appreciation - sapphirescales

                                “look like the innocent flower

                                  ….but be the serpent under’t.”

i’ve admired this particular raven darkholme, aka mystique, for quite some time; and the day i decided to follow ( & be followed in return ) was wonderful. not only does the mun portray this character wonderfully, but she, herself, is an utter delight. a sweetheart, who is extremely knowledgeable about things role play / character related, but also, about important things in life. things that need to be pointed out, acknowledged, and discussed. bottom line: a dash isn’t complete without this scaled beauty, nor the dedicated writer behind her.

would you be surprised if nbc hannibal turned into a musical

but it was just everyone trying to west side story to that fucking background music

if i come back to this blog on a regular basis i might just set all interactions early season one.

or go AU from the end of season one.

would anyone feel really weird about that?

pathologos said: / I have mixed feelings. because it’s not suppose to be like season one. it’s suppose to be dark and flat, like it is. season one was sleepy — a descent into madness. this one is… the monster itself. so it seems grandiose, unreal. one-dimensional

yeah, i get the distance they have to take from season one and the appeal of this new atmosphere. but i feel really alienated by it because it’s become too fantastical, you know? i find there’s too much distance between the viewer and the characters. i really loved katz, but the whole theatrics of her death — while absolutely in character for hannibal, i understand — lost me? i wasn’t invested. the smug special effects of will’s imagination make the whole thing contrived for me.

maybe it’s just not to my tastes and i suppose that’s more my fault than the show’s.

i just think fuller has a history of distancing a show from reality and it worked so well with pushing daisies and dead like me, and i feel like maybe it’s not so effective in this detective/horror show that i thought would go down a grittier route

idk, i think opinions on this are interesting 

not so impressed with this second season, if i’m honest

finally watching friday’s hannibal

the real mystery isn’t even w the fbi now, it’s just wtf is happening with the soundtrack

—your deathbed lament.

—your deathbed lament.


[text] are you free any time soon

[text] probably not

[text] when are we ever though?

[text] why?